Ramona Curry

Ramona Curry teaches theory and history of film and other forms of popular culture in theDepartment of English at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana see her home page there). She is also affiliated with programs of Cinema Studies, Women’s Studies, and Writing Studies. Her book Too Much of a Good Thing: Mae West as Cultural Icon examines how that particular Hollywood star played important roles in U.S. social and political debates about movie censorship and women’s allowable behaviors. Curry has published numerous essays in journals and anthologies about popular female media stars, German cinema, U.S. independent film and video production, and the cultural impact of media institutions. Her most recent publications, on the Brazilian media superstar Xuxa and on “the first German star” Henny Porten, have appeared as chapters in anthologies edited, respectively, by Eileen Meehan and Ellen Riordan (Sex and Money: Feminism and Political Economy in the Media) and by Thomas Elsaesser and Michael Wedel (Kino der Kaiserzeit: Zwischen Tradition und Moderne).

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