Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt teaches film studies courses with both Santa Monica College and Pasadena City College. She is primarily teaching high school students through outreach dual enrollment classes offered by both colleges. This is exciting for her because she has been an advocate of K-12 media education for the past 10 years, or so, and is increasing her participation in both the Action Coalition for Media Education ( and the Alliance for a Media Literate America ( She has recently become a member of the newly formed SCS Committee for Media Literacy and Outreach.

Hunt’s research interests cluster around the broad areas of media’s role in the formation of values and beliefs and the part media play in forming and perpetuating anti-intellectualism as an ideology in American culture.

Publications in anthologies:

“'The Inner Man': Mind, Body, and Transformations of Masculinity in The Nutty Professor” (with Peter Lehman). Enfant Terrible: Jerry Lewis in American Film. New York University Press, November 2002.

“'Something and Someone Else': The Mind, the Body and Sexuality in Titanic” (with Peter
Lehman). Titanic: Anatomy of a Blockbuster. New Jersey: Rutgers U. Press, July 1999.

Publications in journals:

“Severed Heads and Severed Genitals: Violence in Dead Presidents” (with Peter Lehman).
Framework, Issue 43, May 2002.

“From Casual to Melodramatic: Changing Representations of the Penis in Films of the 70s and 90s” (with Peter Lehman). Framework, Issue 40, Spring 1999.

“Film & Media Education, K-12.” Cinema Journal 36, No. 2, Winter 1997.

“Understanding Image Constructions.” Telemedium 38, First Quarter 1992.

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