Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart

is a philosopher and former molecular embryologist educated in the Philippines, England, and the U.S. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Humanities and English at Florida State University. She is the author of Resentment and “the Feminine” in Nietzsche’s Politico-Aesthetics (Penn State University Press, 1999); Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche: Eroticism, Death, Music and Laughter (Rodopi, 1999); The Cinematic Rebirths of Frankenstein: Universal, Hammer and Beyond (Praeger, 2001), co-authored with Frank Smoot and Jayne Blodgett, The Frankenstein Film Sourcebook (Greenwood, 2001), , Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film: From Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein to Alien: Resurrection (State University of New York Press, forthcoming, 2003) and The Holocaust Film Sourcebook (Fiction, Documentary, Propaganda), 3 volumes (Praeger, forthcoming). She has published articles in film criticism, aesthetics, social and political philosophy, feminism and philosophy, philosophy/sociology of science, law and critical theory, and phenomenology, as well as some 80+ popular pieces on Philippine art and culture as a columnist in various Korean and U.S. newspapers and magazines.

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