David Whiteman

David Whiteman
Dept. of Government & International Studies
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208
E-mail: whiteman@sc.edu.

Web sites of interest:
WorkingFilms: www.workingfilms.org/
Uprising of ‘34: www.itvs.org/external/Uprising/uprising.html

David Whiteman is an associate professor in the Department of
Government and International Studies and an adjunct professor in the
School of the Environment at the University of South Carolina. He
teaches undergraduate courses on “Film, Politics, and Social Change,”
“Politics and the Mass Media,” “Ecology and Politics,” and “Introduction
to Politics,” as well as graduate courses on “Political Communication“
and “Qualitative Methods of Political Analysis.”

Whiteman has been a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Limerick
(1989) and University College Dublin (1997) and a Visiting Scholar at
the Brookings Institution (1985-86). He is active in the American
Political Science Association, the International Communication
Association, the National Association for Media Arts and Culture, the
Society for Cinema Studies, and the Popular Culture Association.

Whiteman’s current research, supported by a grant from the MacArthur
Foundation, is for a book on the impact of activist documentary film on
producers, activists, decision-makers, and the public. Starting from a
frameworkof the full range of impact that documentaries may have, he
then applies that framework to a set of twelve case studies of documentaries:
1. Legacy byTod Lending.
2. It’s Elementary by Debra Chasnoff and Helen Cohen.
3. Sacrifice by Ellen Bruno.
4. Not in Our Town by Patrice O'Neil and Rhian Miller.
5. Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter by Deborah Hoffman.
6. A Healthy Baby Girl by Judith Helfand, Working Films.
7. New Cop on the Beat by Carole Lucia Satrina and Eugene Marner.
8. Affluenza by John de Graaf.
9. Well-Founded Fear by Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson.
10. The Farm by Jonathan Stack. Gabriel Films.
11. This is What Democracy Looks Like by Jill Freidberg.
12. Yes, In My Backyard by Tracy Huling.

Whiteman’s recent publications include:
The Uprising of ‘34: Filmmaking as Community Engagement.”
Wide Angle: A Quarterly Journal of Film History, Theory, Criticism, and
21(2):87-99 (2001). (With Barbara Abrash.)

“Using Grassroots Documentary Films for Political Change:
Outreach Tips for Non-profits and Activist Organizations.”
MediaRights.org (July 2001).

“Looking at Community for Alternative Possibilities.” Communities:
Journal of Cooperative Living
, Fall 2000 (#108), pages 41-45.

Communication in Congress: Members, Staff, and the Search for
. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1995.

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