Abraham in overtime

Born in Ur of Chaldees
never returning
the faith of idolaters
the original Sin
our three fathers
Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael
Cat Stevens
plays his reprieve
the head touched low
the body cool
with love
beyond minarets
Yusuf, he says
feel me
run through your
divine supplication
you float
surmising nothing
but my word
the cords hum
from here to eternity
with the one
the only
the original

Abraham is buried
at the age of 175
at Beersheba, Abraham took Isaac
Sarah’s Love
to hold near the pyre
and raised to cleave
but at the buzzer
a reprieve at Temple Mount
in time
a ram’s death
and life for our fathers three
Muhammad, Jesus, the other
cold dead hands and more
an Abraham complex?
he surrounds himself
with memorabilia:
a Moses robe
a bottle of single malts
stone hands dug out from Iraq
or perhaps archived in the Geniza
from Hebron
stones for his pebble path
from Haran
mud for a wall motif
“I am” he says in a lucid moment
“a Canannaite, a merchant
I crossed the desert
In Shechem, Nablus
I ignored the PLO
at the well where I once stood
behind a camera mount
was a child, bandaged
I asked for his gun”
In his name
kill three faiths
father to all, Abraham
in the remains of his house at Ur
you can find an archeological dig
deeper still (if you dig)
three-fold love
Sumerian literature, arithmetic, language
and an arcane reference
to many personal Gods
and to Sin, the Moon-God
The young man, Abram,
not yet Abraham
would posses rare energy
as he whipped the donkey
around the date palms
today, we would say
he had the moves
setting up the play
for a single frame
the original one
our big word:
Osama Bin-Laden
crazynot like a fox
dares not say
what he thinks:
instead he abuses
the original father
and uses his name
in steady monotone
in poetry
a sotto voice
a faded face
his millions
feeding his penury
the soft focus video
the AlJazeera feed
getting without return
a dividend
in stockpiled deaths
in body shaped arsenal
in the BOLD typeface
In Haran, Turkey
Abraham found
a clamorous community
Amorites, Hurrians
an early warning?
good times
he traded wool for wheat
had a large flock, a following
King Nimrod,
quite the spoiler
tried assassination (it didn’t work)
for here, in Heron
the great nation
under God
was born
Misguided missions
every decade
born again Bush
one and two
“It’s easy,” said the Taxi Cab driver
in New York, holy ground
“A Bush in the White House
means (once again)
the economy’s down
and we are getting ready for war”
In overtime
we need you
the one father
Abram, Abraham, Ibrahim
please understand
our true supplication
we are the multi-cultural
in one
we are tired
of madness
step back
across the line
take a good look
take the game over
make the shot