Bibliography on class
in film and media studies

by Terri Ginsberg, Chuck Kleinhans, and Dennis Broe

1. Film and class politics
2. Marxist film theory and the critical tradition
3. Critical cultural film studies
4. Film, race, and class
5. Film, gender and sexuality, and class
6. Class politics and national cinemas
7. Media and class politics

Interdisciplinary class theory and analysis

8. Marxism
9. Political economy and sociology
10. Labor unions and class struggle
11. Race, ethnicity, colonialism
12. Feminism, sexuality, and class
13. Cultural theory and class
14. Ideologies and pedagogies of class

Editors' note: This bibliography was compiled by members of the Society for Film and Media Studies Caucus on Class. The caucus has a useful web site, including many related web links. See http://terri1.home.mindspring.com

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Interdisciplinary class theory and analysis

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