The Passion of the Christ

Robert Smart

Robert Smart studied psychology and theater arts as an undergraduate and philosophy in graduate school. He is a former member of the Top One Percent Society, more exclusive than Mensa. He is a published short story writer and novelist whose recent psychological gothic novel Mother’s Got a Whip is about primal motives underlying religious fanaticism and the psychological world of an abused boy; it is to a great extent a fictional counter-argument to Gibson's The Passion.

After a series of odd jobs and a futile attempt to get a series of high modernist art film screenplays produced, Robert has moved steadily down and over into writing scripts for low-low budget erotic thriller and horror films, most of which never see the light of day. All of the scripts are strongly influenced by the Canadian critic Robin Wood as well as Carol J. Clover and Laura Kipnis. Robert currently is attempting to use elements of art films, underground and avant-garde cinema and the more subversive potential of low budget exploitation films to create screenplays that have strong mood, theme and characterization but are also relentless and plot-driven in the style of American B movies.

He's a fan of the Austrian novelist Robert Musil and the British science-fiction writer J.G. Ballard and of filmmakers as diverse as Kenneth Anger, Federico Fellini, Gaspar Noe, Nagisa Oshima, and Radley Metzger.