A walk on the wild side:
the changing face of TV wildlife documentary


Richard Kilborn

Richard Kilborn is senior lecturer in the Department of Film and Media Studies at the University of Stirling (Scotland). He is also a member of the Stirling Media Research Institute. He has taught at the Universities of Munich and Klagenfurt, as well as being a Visiting Professor at Northwestern University (Chicago)..

His major research interests have been in film and television documentary and in television drama. Major publications include: The MultiMedia Melting Pot (Comedia, 1985), Television Soaps (Batsford, 1992), Confronting Reality: An Introduction to Television Documentary (Manchester University Press, 1997) and Staging the Real: Factual TV Programming in the Age of Big Brother (Manchester University Press, 2003).

He has made a particular point of keeping track with media industry developments and much of his work has focused on how changes in the broadcasting industry have impacted on the style and content of TV programs (especially documentary and factual programming). He also writes on a regular basis for DOX (International Documentary magazine). He is currently working on a new book dealing with how various types of interview material (including oral testimony) are gathered and processed for inclusion in film and TV documentaries.