Revolting women: the role of gender in Sergei Eisenstein’s Que Viva Mexico! and in U.S. Depression-era
Left film criticism

Chris Robé

Chris Robé is an assistant professor of film studies at Florida Atlantic University and teaches courses in film history and film theory. He is currently working on a book that chronicles the origins of 1930s American Left film theory. His primary interest is in studying the multiple contexts where cinema has been used by various historical social movements to engender progressive change. He is particularly concerned in exploring the links between aesthetics and politics, and cinema and political activism. He has published articles in The Velvet Light Trap, Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies, and the anthology, Nothing That Is: Millennial Cinema and the ‘Blair Witch’ Controversies.

When not busy hiding out at the local cinema, he cruises the film reviews at www.popmatters.com, where he is an occasional contributor. He sees what new developments are emerging from the multi-medium art scene at www.rhizome.org.
And sometimes he spends way too much time watching new videos of the Viking Kitten at www.rathergood.com.

For any comments, suggestions, or complaints, he can be reached at crobe@fau.edu.