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Quinn Miller

Quinn Miller first saw Andy Warhol’s film Blow Job in a class on queer representation that Ron Gregg teaches at the University of Chicago. He first encountered the book Andy Warhol’s “Blow Job” in Chuck Kleinhans’s experimental film course at Northwestern University. He is a Ph.D. student there in the RTVF department’s Screen Cultures program. He received her M.A. in Media, Technology, and Society in this program.

Miller’s essay on masculinity and men’s relationships in 1990s sitcoms like Seinfeld appears in the recent volume The New Queer Aesthetic on Television: Essays on Recent Programming. As part of an ongoing graduate student lecture series on LGBT History & Culture at Gerber/Hart Library and Archives in Chicago, he presented a critique of contemporary “gay-friendly” rhetoric and revisited the 1970s physique magazine Ciao! The World of Gay Travel. His current project investigates imaginative alliances between queer television characters, arguing that from its earliest, everyday, comedic inceptions, television programming has merged anxieties about single life and homosexuality in sophisticated and insightful ways. He is also interested in contemporary techniques of coding television characters and narrative models of double-entendre and substitution of comedy genres.

He visits Queerkit, at <http://www.queerkit.org>
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For the shot that Warhol’s Blow Job won’t show, he reads “BJ’s porno-crazed ramblings” at <http://bjland.ws/bjland1a.html>
This blog includes downloadable vintage gay porn clips, pulp novels, and other queer paraphernalia up for sale on ebay.

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