Video Vigilantes and the work of shame

Gareth Palmer

Gareth Palmer teaches advertising and documentary at the School of Media, Music and Performance, University of Salford. In 2003 he published Discipline and Liberty with Manchester University Press, a book a about television and governance. Gareth is also involved in practical media. Some of his audio advertising can be heard at lifefromelsewhere.com. In 2005 his film for phones, Operators, a one minute tribute to the tiny people who work in your handset, was screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival. He remains defiantly bald, slap-headed and chrome-like in the dome.

His web site is at

Palmer is one of the founders of the Contemporary Documentary Archive (CDA). Over the past 7 years, the CDA, based at the School of Music, Media and Performance, University of Salford, has been building a vast archive of documentary programmes broadcast in Britain. The focus of the Archive has been suveillance, crime, the police and reality TV. The Archive holds thousands of hours of major documentaries and continues to add to its collection. Examples of holdings include Crimewatch UK, Police Camera Action, Cutting Edge, Big Brother, Neighbours From Hell and many others.