Hollywood’s crusade in China prior to China’s WTO accession

Ting Wang

Ting Wang received her Ph.D. in Screen Cultures from the School of Communication at Northwestern University, and her MA in American Studies from the Foreign Affairs College of China. Her dissertation, Global Hollywood and China's Filmed Entertainment Industry, examines the dynamic China-Hollywood interface in the context of cultural globalization, and offers a case study on how national cinema intersects with the Hollywood-centered transnational media formation, and on its connotations for national cultural identity and world cultural diversity. Part of her dissertation research has been included in the book, Global Hollywood 2. Toby Miller, Nitin Govil, John McMurria, Richard Maxwell and Ting Wang (London: BFI Publishing, 2005). Her essay in this issue of Jump Cut also derives from her dissertation.

Her other research interests include:

  • two variant trends in contemporaryinternational television and film flows and audience receptions;
  • transformations in Chinese documentary productions and broadcasting industry;
  • Chinese Diaspora and media representations;
  • the cultural industry and policy studies of Chinese museums and performing arts; and
  • media coverage and cross-cultural (mis)perceptions in international journalism.

She currently works at a non-profit media organization in Washington DC on international media training, exchange, and assistance projects.