Following this comic interlude, back at the restaurant, realizing the waitress is suspicious, Wong attacks her after closing up. He hits her, rips her clothing off, and ties her up. This begins the most explicitly brutal attack so far.

Wong mauls the waitress and brutally rapes her. There are close-ups of her distressed face and his demented anger. After the sex act, he grabs a bunch of chop sticks and in this shot from under the table, swings them into her body.
The murderous assault continues with his thrusting and her agony. There is an obvious visual parallel of facial and body expression between the depicted physical assault and the expressions of intense feeling during sexual intercourse. But it remains a painful parallel, not a crossing over of boundaries. Remarkably, actor Anthony Wong, always manages to express his character’s inner rage; he was awarded best actor for 1993 at the Hong Kong Film awards. The camera returns to a shot from under the table; Wong removes the chopsticks and there is a gush of blood. Cut to above: bloody chopsticks fall on floor, ending the sequence.

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