Man-made martyrs in the age of mechanical reproduction: disturbing manufactured martyrdom in Paradise Now


Phoebe Bronstein

Phoebe Bronstein received her MA at the University of Oregon in English Literature, and is now in her third year of UO’s PhD program. She received her BA in History and English Literature from UCLA. Phoebe’s research focuses on the intersection of film and media with U.S. international relations, and with a particular attention to representations of the Middle East in 20th and 21st century American film and media. Within this context, she is interested in representations of race, gender, and violence.

Most recently, she has returned to Eugene after six months off from graduate school, in which she interned at the Global Film Initiative in San Francisco (www.globalfilm.org) and co-wrote a humor book about ninjas with two friends from high-school: When Ninjas Attack (published in November 2009 by Ulysses Press).

Websites of interest:

Flow TV: flowtv.org
New York Times Photojournalism Blog Lens: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com
Global Film Initiative: www.globalfilm.org

Phoebe can be reached at pbronste@uoregon.edu