1. In the same issue of Jump Cut in which Dyer’s article originally appeared, Thomas Waugh disputed Dyer’s claim that the penis/male ejaculation is always the central focus in gay pornography. Instead, Waugh argues, many “individual sequences” in gay pornography highlight anal pleasure. See Thomas Waugh, “Men’s Pornography: Gay vs. Straight,” Jump Cut 30 (March 1985): 33.

2. To be clear, although there are hundreds of pegging porn videos currently in existence, both within the amateur and commercial markets, the future of the subgenre is unclear. Whether pegging porn will prove to be an ongoing phenomenon or a temporary trend remains to be seen.

3. Individual scenes of pegging began appearing in mainstream pornography as early as 1975’s The Opening of Misty Beethoven, directed by Radley Metzger.

4. Adult Video News is a trade journal that covers the adult video industry in the United States. They sponsor an annual awards show modeled after the Academy Awards.

5. Nan Kinney and Deborah Sundahl formed Fatale Video in 1985, after having previously joined forces with Susie Bright to publish the erotic lesbian magazine On Our Backs, the sex-positive answer to Off Our Backs, a feminist magazine known for its anti-pornography standpoint. Fatale Video provided one of the few forums for lesbian sexual expression in the 1980s and early 90s and generated greater visibility for lesbian sexuality via the successful, nation-wide distribution of such videos as Hungry Hearts (1989) and Suburban Dykes (1990). Today, Fatale Video continues to produce lesbian pornography, but has also expanded its repertoire to include instructional videos like How To Female Ejaculate (1992) and non-lesbian-specific works such as Bend Over Boyfriend (1998).For more information on Fatale Video and the evolution of lesbian pornography, see Heather Butler, “What Do You Call a Lesbian with Long Fingers? The Development of Lesbian and Dyke Pornography,” in Porn Studies, ed. Linda Williams (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2004), 167-197.

6. Kegel exercises consist of contracting and then relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. Kegel exercises are believed to improve muscle tone and increase sexual gratification.

7. Queen does, however, note that not all women feel more masculine in taking on the role of penetrator. Likewise, Morgan is quick to point out that the role of bottom is not necessarily feminine or passive: that the penetrated man is “fucking his partner as much as his partner is fucking him.” [return to page 2]

8. In other words, Bend Over Boyfriend highlights the artificiality of gender performance: the fact that anyone can perform masculinity or femininity, regardless of their biological sex and there is no necessary connection between biological sex and the gender that one chooses to perform.

9. For more on the “anti-dildo/anti-penetration” position, see Mary T. Conway, "Inhabiting the Phallus: Reading 'Safe Is Desire'," Camera Obscura 38(1996): 143-8; and Heather Findlay, “Freud’s ‘Fetishism’ and the Lesbian Dildo Debates,” in Out in Culture: Gay, Lesbian and Queer Essays on Popular Culture, ed. Corey K. Creekmur and Alexander Doty (London: Cassell, 1995), 328-30.

10. See, for example, Mary T. Conway, “Inhabiting the Phallus: Reading Safe is Desire,” Camera Obscura 13 (1996): 132-160.

11. Scenes of “strap-on fellatio” are common in the pegging porns that have followed Bend Over Boyfriend.

12. It may be that Morgan ejaculates during his final sex scene with Queen, but this is unclear from the way that the scene is shot: if Morgan does indeed ejaculate, the camera makes no effort to capture this visually, as it would in a more conventional porn film.

13. Additional pegging blogs and websites include www.lovepegging.com and www.straponsalon.blogspot.com. For a list of pornographic pegging websites, see footnote fifteen below. [return to page 3]

14. Not all pegging representations in the popular media have been as affirming as the examples that I have listed. For example, in 2007, in the pilot episode of Dirt, tabloid editor Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox) attempts to blackmail basketball superstar Prince Tyreese (Rick Fox) with photographs of Prince Tyreese being pegged by a prostitute. Unlike the other examples I have mentioned, Dirt (re)establishes male anal receptivity as shameful and debase.

15. A spokesperson from women's erotic emporium Sh! claims that, "A few years ago 98 percent of our strap-ons were sold to lesbian couples, but in the past year straight couples are becoming a significant factor in the dildo/harness market and now clock up around a fifth of all sales." As quoted in “Strap-on Sex for Straights: Are Two Cocks Better Than One?” Scarlet, 21 January 2005, (6 January 2009).

16. Xtube is an adult video hosting service on the Internet, which allows unregistered and registered users to share adult video content with others.

17. Pegging porn is available for purchase at www.tlavideo.com and can be downloaded for free on www.xtube.com, or for a fee on such Internet sites as www.babesballingboys.com, www.straponscreen.com, www.strapon.com, www.ladiesfuckgents.com, www.strapontales.com, www.straponpower.com, www.strapondiscounts.com and www.peggingporn.com. Readers interested in learning more about the diversity of pegging porn are encouraged to look to these outlets.

18. See, for example, Pat Califia, “Feminism and Sadomasochism,” CoEvolution Quarterly 33 (1982): 33-40. Also, an interview with Pat Califia that includes links to several of his articles can be found on-line at http://www.technodyke.com/features/patcalifa1.asp [Return to page 4]

The author would like to gratefully acknowledge Janet Staiger, Jill Dolan, Peter Alilunas and the anonymous reviewers at Jump Cut for their helpful feedback on earlier drafts of this essay.

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