Conference report: “Reframing Standard Operating Procedure: Errol Morris and the creative treatment of Abu Ghraib”


David Andrews

In 1997, Dave Andrews got his Ph.D. in American literature from SUNY Stony Brook. Since then, he has published two books, the latest one on contemporary American softcore films: Soft in the Middle: The Contemporary Softcore Feature in its Contexts (Ohio State UP, 2006). He has also taught on four campuses, including Chicago State and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and was once an editor at the now-defunct Chicago arts journal Bridge. From 2003 on, he has been an independent scholar (and stay-at-home dad). 

Though he has many literary publications, Andrews has in the main used the last decade to publish extensively on film, with publications coming in journals like Cinema Journal, The Journal of Popular Culture, The Journal of Film and Video, Television and New Media, Post Script, Film Criticism, etc. Additionally, he has had a new definition of "pornography" accepted by the Journal of Popular Culture that will come out in 2011. His latest book, Theory of Art Cinemas, will be published in 2011 or early 2012 by the University of Texas Press. Independent pieces of this book are coming out now in forums like Scope and Global Art Cinema: New Theories and Histories (Oxford UP, 2010)—as well as in this issue of Jump Cut.Andrews talks frequently at conferences, including those conducted by the MLA, PCA, and SCMS.

See Dave's essay on Revisiting "The Two Avant-Gardes" in this issue of Jump Cut.

Contact him at darthur61@comcast.net.