District 9 and its world


James Zborowski

James Zborowski lives in the UK.  He recently completed his Ph.D. in Film Studies at the University of Warwick, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and is currently at work on his first book, The Camera’s Character: Point of View in Studio-Era Hollywood, to be published by Manchester University Press.

James discusses films, film studies, music, new media, current events, and higher education on his blog http://betweensympathyanddetachment.blogspot.com/

He has also recently tentatively entered the world of Twitter (@jameszborowski), having ‘deactivated’ his Facebook account over two years ago (and having also stopped using MySpace).

He has a range of blog subscriptions (and a great love of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website, particularly its online, on-demand radio content), but within the world of film studies three of his favourites are