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School girl uniform + samurai sword + Emily = HOTNESS!

If/When I finish my final draft paper that's due tomorrow, I'll be watching Sucker Punch. I've heard a lot of bad reviews, but I want to see it for myself.

[quoting from press on the film]
“I’m hoping this could kind of start a trend maybe, hopefully, of just — not just, you know, ‘girls with guns,’ but smart, cool, interesting, layered characters — with guns,” Emily Browning
A fan of anime and Japanese pop culture, Browning was well aware of the influences scattered throughout the movie. “When I first put the costume on I remember I did, you know, the opening of Sailor Moon,” Browning said, striking a perfect Sailor Moon pose.

[quoting a line/speech/dialogue in the film—a common gesture, made easy by the reblogging feature]
“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”
— Wiseman from Sucker Punch

There was so much about that movie that I loved. The music. The direction. The action. The concept. The costumes. The eye makeup. Ohhh the eye makeup. I will now wind down by watching the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy, even though I do not even watch the show, because it looks awesome.

[Another favorite quote]
“Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? Who drives us mad? Lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? Who is it? That does all these things? Who honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us? and at the same time sings that we’ll never die? Who teaches us what’s real, and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we’ll die to defend? Who chains us, and who holds the key that can set us free?… It’s you. You have all the weapons you need…now fight.”

Sucker Punch
Screw the critics. This film rocked. I had a smile pretty much all the way through, but it was also chock full of female empowerment and badass fight scenes, which were not necessarily one and the same. Not the best film ever, but a fantastic cinematic experience, and one that will leave you talking about the messages it put forward once you leave the cinema rather than just the action.

Megacon in Florida
Aweee cant wait for the Phoenix Comicon and girl dressed up like this mmmmmm Cosplay at its finest.

I watched Sucker Punch this afternoon. Abbie Cornish is now my latest celeb crush.

I saw Suckerpunch today.
I felt a bit disappointed with it, but at the same time, I did kind of like it.
It was very clearly a “fanservice” type of movie. A group of hot girls with weapons running around in revealing outfits and kicking robot/zombie/dragon ass.
The storyline itself was rather lacking, details were left out that left me wondering just how developed this movie actually was… it had so many holes all over the place.
The visual effects were top-notch, with explosions and shit everywhere. But the fight scenes weren’t what I expected… They were pretty boring and repetitive, since they didn’t really have any special moves or anything really particularly impressive. Most of the moves were TOTALLY AND UTTERLY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, so I expected that if they were going to ignore the laws of physics, that they would have some really fucking amazing shit in those fight scenes. But they didn’t, it was just lots of flipping and trigger-happy girls.
So for a lot of reasons, it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be.
But at the same time, I found it weirdly interesting… Maybe it was the outfits. They all had really awesome costumes, I’d cosplay any of them.

Top 20 Strong Female Characters
Baby Doll
“I lost everyone I loved. And then they locked me away. With no where to hide from the pain.”
[Potential Spoilers Below]
Even without seeing the movie Sucker Punch, you probably already know that Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning), was a hot piece of ass.
But when I watched this movie, I felt her pain. She was abused by her stepfather, and accidentally killed her sister while trying to protect her. This sent her into a delusional depression. But Baby Doll had to escape her own mind. She had to get out of this depression.
So she invents her own world. While things are happening in this pretend world of hers, she is also going through the real world. There are still consequences to her actions. But even in her own world, she must dive into yet another fantasy to fight her fears.
Although she puts herself in this depression, she’s strong. She has a will to escape.
And at the end, she sacrifices herself for her friend. Because in the end, this story wasn’t about her. It was about her giving her life so another could start a new one.

My Sucker Punch UK Premiere experience.
My Sucker Punch UK Premiere experience in two words was: a blur.
It is gonna be plainly, and totally cheesy for me to say, but it was THE best day of my life <3
I went with my twin sister Roma and my little sister. We live two hours away from London so we travelled from where we live at 10:00am to get to London by 12. Once we got there, they already had the stage out and a ton of vans causing chaos and none of the barriers were up, so we decided to go to Burger King, eat some fries and sit by the window so we could go outside once the barriers were up. Before we knew it, it had been two hours and we saw that the barriers had been put up. It was 2:30pm now, so we went outside and claimed a spot pretty much opposite the main doors.
We stood outside till 6:20ish until they started arriving and I’m not gonna over exaggerate how damn cold it was. Like, my whole body just went numb. It didn’t help that it kept raining either and the wind messed up my hair. And because my body had gone so numb I was functioning SO slowly! Like, when people arrived etc my hands took ages trying to take a damn picture. Note for self: wear more layers and bring gloves to avoid shaking like crazy.
So, the first person to arrive was Emily Browning. She looked really simple but equally gorgeous. She went on the stage first and did an interview for us all to hear and then spoke to the press (there was TOO much press btw, I’ll get to that later).
Zack Snyder arrived next. He also did an interview on the stage and then came along to sign autographs first. When he came by us I was so damn star struck, all I could do was say “Hi Zack!” and he replied with “Hi!” lol. I wanted to tell him that I was going to see the movie in IMAX on Friday and that I loved 300 and Watchmen but yeah, as you can tell I didn’t.
Emily came over next to sign autographs. When all the stars came over btw, except Vanessa, people were so calm! Everyone could get an autograph and a picture, it wasn’t rushed. I didn’t ask for a picture though, I would’ve dropped my camera cos’ my hands were too numb :/ Emily was a little overwhelmed I think though, even though there actually wasn’t a big crowd. She kept breathing in and out quickly as if she may panic, it was strange. But she was nice, so yeah.
Abbie Cornish then arrived and she went on stage, did an interview and then did some press interviews. The next person who signed autographs was this random British guy. Like literally, NO one knew who he was! So when he came over, Roma had a mini conversation with him, I said thanks for the autograph and he was like “Absolute pleasure”. Then when I got home later I googled him and felt like such an idiot for not knowing who he was! It was Henry Cavill! He’s in Stardust and he’s going to be Clark Kent in the Superman movie! He was reallyyyyy hot btw. Yum.
Jena Malone and Jamie Chung arrived after that, did separate interviews and then press interviews. Then Carla Gugino did the same and so did Oscar Isaac. Then Vanessa Hudgens arrived last because she was the most anticipated. It was annoying though because everyone wanted a piece of her so she was going to one place to the next so she hardly got to spend any time with the fans.
So, because they’d all arrived and no one had gone inside yet, they all took the opportunity to pose together on the stage and then in front of the paparazzi at the front. It was really cute when Vanessa walked off the stage towards the front for more group photos because she gave us a twirl <3 So cute :) Jena and Jamie ran over to the fans to sign a few autographs hurridley because they were meant to be at the front. Roma and my little sister got an autograph of Jena. They both promised to come back, but didn’t. So I never got anything from Jena and Jamie.
After their group photos Oscar Isaac signed like no autographs (I never got one) and then he did some press interviews and then headed inside. It was the same with Carla Gugino.
Then, Abbie Cornish came around and signed autographs for everyone. I told her that I loved her dress and she looked up and said thanks :) I don’t think she would say the same though, her straps kept falling down at the sides so her publicists kept trying to put it into place. It wasn’t pinned properly. During this, Vanessa was on the stage doing an interview but I never heard much because I was too focused on Abbie coming around.
Awhile later we spotted Gina (Vanessa’s mum) quite far away but we waved with three more people and called her name. We saw her laugh and take out her camera to take a picture of us <3 She’s so cute!
Then, around 7:15ish Vanessa was the only one still left outside because of the amount of press that wanted to talk to her. There was soooo much press there, it was insane.
Now here was a shocking part: this lady walks up to me, asks how many people I was with, I point to my two sisters and she just went silent. Me and Roma were like wtf, and started laughing. All of a sudden she goes “Do you want to come inside?” And I was like WHAT? Roma thought she meant to meet celebrities but the lady said, “No, to come and see the film!” I then finally responded saying “Nooo! We have a train home in an hour, we can’t come!” I was so sad about it! I can’t believe she came up to us and asked and we couldn’t even come in! It sucked! People around us then started asking the lady if they could come in instead and she just ignored them and walked away!! :o The guys she was with looked over at me and shook their head and I did the same lol. As if that happened though, I was shocked.
Then, we saw Gina again talking to other people. When she walked away we called her name again, she pointed at us, ran over and engulfed me and Roma in a hug! <3 It was sooo cute! Me and Roma then got pictures with her, we said she was awesome and she was like “Take care guys! I love you all! A big fan!” <3 awwww. You can actually see her run over at around 3:24 in this video: http://youtu.be/eF_aeMS8x18
Vanessa finally then came running over and it was CHAOS. We suddenly had people behind us going crazy. And yeah I went crazy. Like my heart just stopped beating and I just kept giving her compliment after compliment. I tried getting a picture with her but her publicist said she was running late and had to get inside. I then, in such a small voice said “Ohmygod I love you so much!” And she LOOKED up at me and was like “Aw!” I died. Literally. Then I told her I loved her new haircut and she was like “Thanks!” She kept looking back and smiling <3
Even though my encounter with Vanessa was rushed it literally made my life. The highlights of the night had to be Gina and Vanessa for sure. And the lady who was letting us go inside. The happiest people that came up to us had to be Vanessa and Gina. I still can’t get over how cute Gina was. I totally wanna be like that at her age <3
So, this was my experience. I was going to post my videos and pictures I took in this post but my mum took the camera on a trip with her so I’m gonna have to post those in a separate post some time this weekend.
What do you think? :)

If you have ever escaped to a fantasy world to cope with real life problems or depression, or just have a vivid/over-active imagination in the first place you will enjoy this movie.

I'm going to see Sucker Punch tomorrow :)
I’m really excited, I don’t even care about the bad reviews. In my mind there’s no way it can disappoint! Awesome costumes, swords, guns, dragons, mental asylums and violence it’s going to be great :)

The movie’s theme reminded me of Gothika. The conflict centers around who indeed are the real bad guys; but on different perspectives. In psychological terms, Gothika is more of Behavioral while Sucker Punch is Humanistic.

Today is a rainy but a happy day!
Sucker Punch freaking rocks! Yesterday afternoon after class I went to my friend’s and we were supposed to work on a group presentation and then I was supposed to go home, but instead we all went to eat at a restaurant, went to drink at a friend’s and then went to see Sucker Punch, which was AWESOME. I mean, no valuable plot or dialogues, but the soundtracks and fight scenes are just awesome.
I’m 21 today, and I feel damn old -_-
I’m eating at some friends who cook veeery well tonight and can’t wait.
Prom (sort of, the uni kind) tomorrow evening, so excited (plus, it’s gonna be FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY WE SO EXCITED)

the more I think about Sucker Punch, the more I like it.
I’m so surprised that this movie actually is dragging around so many questions inside my mind. What was supposed to be a mindless-action-flick, it has slowly become a well written paragraph. And from that paragraph, the more I think about it the more of what seemed to be a paper-thin story actually becomes a well thought out plot. Maybe I should be locked up in Lennox House for the Mentally Insane.
Anyway, before I really lose my mind I will try to work out the story a little because it does feel mind-boggling. What’s reality? That’s all I can ask right now. First of all let me point out something I noticed after some heavy thinking and few shots of Johnny Walker. Baby Doll is not the main character, I mean sure she is but if you think about Sweet Pea even said near the begging of the movie that she is the star of the show (talking about the theater…or was she?)
You see it’s hard for me to prove any of my crazy ideas just yet, I will have to see Sucker Punch once more (at least) but it is slowly coming to me that the film is far more intelligent than I ever thought it would. You see, I feel like my mind-set was on “mind-less-action film” and that’s all I saw but looking back at it now, I feel like I missed the actual story.
But what is reality in Sucker Punch?

I'm glum and I blame Sucker Punch
So I saw this tonight. Who wouldn’t love a movie that included robot samurai, zombie soldiers, fire-breathing dragons, Don Draper and a sexy Russian chick who looked like a younger, hotter Sarah Palin (pictured!) you might ask?
Well me for one. I actually liked it a lot until the last 15 minutes or so. I’m not going to spoil it but it got really deep and really depressing at the very end. It was enough to put me in a dark and fatalist funk as I left the theater.
Maybe it’s because right now it seems like the real world is going to pot in an almost biblical sort of way. Between earthquakes and tsunamis and nuclear disasters and wars and civil wars and crazy dictators and recessions and gas prices and airport body scans and Tumblr outages and cobra zoo escapes and Rebecca Black…I don’t want to deal with horrible, depressing shit in my entertainment right now. I need escapism in my movies, and by that I mean rakish heroes, comical villains, beautiful women, CGI battles, wisecracking sidekicks and above all else, happy endings dammit.

“This isn’t the imagination of a young girl; it’s the fantasy of a 14-year-old boy steeped in kung fu, Call of Duty and online porn.”
— Spot-on review on Sucker Punch from “Rotten Tomatoes”

A history of the Lobotomy
“If you thought that scene in Sucker Punch where the doctor gave lobotomies with an ice pick was artistic exaggeration - well, it wasn’t. That’s exactly how Walter Freeman, a popularizer of lobotomies in the 1940s, performed thousands of operations.
In the mid-twentieth century, the lobotomy was such a popular “cure” for mental illness that Freeman’s former research partner António Egas Moniz was awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his role in perfecting the operation. Moniz and Freeman had a falling out after Freeman started using an ice pick-shaped instrument to perform up to 25 lobotomies a day, without anaesthesia, while reporters looked on. Freeman’s crazy antics didn’t scare off potential patients, though: John F. Kennedy’s sister Rosemary got a lobotomy from Freeman, which left her a vegetable for the rest of her life. And she was one of many people whose “cure” was more like zombification than freedom from mental anguish.”

Last weekend, I was talking to this guy Scotty about Sucker Punch. He said it’s totally geared toward guys, so I was expected simply violence and scantily clad women. I was very surprised to find it was something more interesting. The trailers are all very ambiguous and misleading. The story is about a girl who, after trying to defend herself, ends up in an asylum and uses another world (a brothel—which makes for a very interesting metaphor) as a coping mechanism (I don’t want to give away much more detail than that). So here we’re talking about women who are being lusted after and used by men, made to believe they were being controlled, when all along they were the ones with the power. It was really intriguing.
While searching for this graphic, I found a tumblr post about how the movie isn’t just about feminism—it’s about how EVERYONE has the key to their own freedom. I thought that was a good point and wanted to make sure I put that out there as well.
So basically what I’m saying is that Sucker Punch is not just a typical “guy” movie. If that’s all that’s keeping you from seeing it, I hope you’ve changed your mind now!

I don't think Sucker Punch should just be about Feminism.
It should be for anyone who wants to be free and get out of the traps that have been built in their own lives. Girls aren’t the only ones in “distress” anymore. Guys can be as well. Everyone can be. The movie is about finding freedom in yourself. Anyone can be stuck, everyone holds their own key to get out.
I think we’ve come far enough to say stop fighting about who freedom belongs to. It belongs to everyone. Stop fighting and help each other escape the ones who are holding you back. Because in my opinion, if today’s women keep accusing men of things men did 60 years ago, we can’t move forward, and we’ll all be stuck forever.

A (Feminist) Defense of Sucker Punch
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the movie Sucker Punch. And recently, I read a well-thought-out, feminist attack extolling the vices of the movie in Faux Feminism in Sucker Punch. I am grateful for her post because it’s helped me to clarify my points, however, I think that Faux forgets that the brothel ‘world’ is an extended metaphor for the asylum.
If you would like a better taste than the trailers, you can see the first 5 minutes here (download - Mac users need VLC). The narrative is key. That being said, I agree with the tagline: You will be unprepared. Granted, the first read of that line is meant for the situations the protagonists are put in… yet the underlying theme is that you yourself will be unprepared.
I am not surprised at the backlash the movie is receiving. I think that as a culture, we are unprepared for the feminist points that Sucker Punch does make; I think that many of us who don’t engage in third- and post-wave feminism will indeed decry it for its vices—and will be unprepared to see its virtues.
SPOILER WARNING. (Also very lengthy, analytical post.)
Read More →

Sucker Punch was amazing.
Lets cover some of the things it had that I fucking adore
Powerful women
Women with thick accents
Skeezy men I don’t love them, I love seeing them stabbed
^they’re also fucking zombie Nazis
Women in skimpy fucking clothes
Crying women
Women with guns
Dragons cried when the dragons died ;A;
Fuckin rad music
Insane asylums
Trippy inception dreams
That fucking dress at the end oh my god beautiful
That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

also i am a survivor for whom the movie was awful and skin crawly and i felt taken advantage of and like assault was turned into a gross titillating experience for bros to get off on. i am allowed that PERSONAL opinion, you are allowed yours and it would be disgusting for you to ask that i change mine because you felt different and vice versa. you threw an embarrassing tantrum, grow up and learn to live with people having different opinions than you.

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