1. A translation of cosmovisión, a word used by Andean indigenous intellectuals to describe their perception of time and the external world, as well as their way of being in the world. [return to text]

2. A Bolivian poet, essayist, and politician of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

3. A parrandero is something like a man about town.

4. The zampoña is an Andean wind instrument like the panpipe; the pinkillo and quena are Andean flutes.

5. Technically, in a sequence shot, an entire scene is contained in a single, uinterrupted shot. The term is commonly used to refer to shots that last an unusually long time, as it is at times in this essay.

6. A reference to Marshall McLuhan’s saying, “The medium is the message.”

7. In a plan américain, sometimes referred to as a medium long shot, a human figure framed from just below the knees to the top of the head fills most of the screen. It is in between the long shot, in which human figures appear in their entirety, and the medium shot, which frames the human figure from the waist up. The plan américain is often used to show groups of people.


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