"Machete improvises”: racial rhetoric in digital reception of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete


Marina Wood

Marina Wood is a recent graduate of Claremont Graduate University where she earned her MA in Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Media Studies.  Marina is passionate about participatory film and has created, co-created, produced and mentored in several projects.  Her most recent endeavor was The Revolutionary Filmmaking Project, Guatemala, which she created and facilitated in September 2011 on revolutionary filmmaking, feminism, and violence prevention with 13 young high school and college student participants wherein the youth made two revolutionary films about sexism, violence and discrimination. 

Marina is currently the Prevention Coordinator at a Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach Center in the Inland Empire, CA where she educates the community about dating and domestic violence, bullying, and other issues as well as conducts 40-hour volunteer trainings 3 times a year.  When she is not working in the field of gender violence prevention she is teaching English as a Second Language and Computer Literacy to Day Laborers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA both to increase job skills and foster community.  Marina especially loves to watch movies and television shows which have protagonists that are women, of color, and/or queer, and can often be found reading media news and reviews on Autostraddle, Jezebel, and Colorlines. 

To contact Marina you may reach her at Marinawood2@gmail.com.

Autostraddle is a queer and feminist online community which posts mainly hilarious pop culture reviews and news. www.autostraddle.com

Jezebel is basically a blog, forum, and newsite dedicated to publishing non-photoshopped models and celebrities, grading tabloids on their sexism, and critiquing pop culture and politics with a feminist lens. www.jezebel.com

Colorlines is a daily news website which provides news, analysis, research, and solutions to racial injustice and oppression. www.colorlines.com