4. 24 fps project (2011).

Film is based on persistence of vision, consecutive still images moving in rapid succession, giving the impression of motion. The iPhone app, QuadCamera, can take 4 to 8 frames at intervals between 3 and 9 seconds. By stringing these still images together, the concept of persistence of vision comes alive. The vidoodles made on this app pay tribute to the foundation of moving image theory.

Links provided to online videos, each about a minute long. Click on each title to see the video.


stairway to heaven
Did you know that the Led Zeppelin version is almost 8 minutes long?

Since 1875, the Liberty store on Regent Street in London has seen billions of shoppers go up and down the wooden staircase in search of their hearts desire, to some it is a stairway to heaven.


on the beach
Sand is really just a bunch of teeny tiny rocks.

Working with the iPhone Quad Cam app proved more challenging than I expected. Although the process of shooting was lightning fast, the editing process involves animating each frame. Photoshop work became another stage in making the videos.

styling it’s not just a woman’s thing
Men need to look their best, regardless of fashion trends.

On Rue Sherbrooke, in Montreal, there are still store signs that haven’t given into today’s trends. Symbols of an era dusted in history.


BCN Barcelona Airport
The flight was longer than my time in Spain.

In 2011, I had the good fortune to travel to Barcelona, but unfortunately I was only there for 48 hours. A good chunk of my time was spent at the airport. But no matter which airport it is there are always different things to see.

5. 12 x 12 x 12,
Odd Socks
project (2012).

Imagine delving behind a clothes dryer and finding all those missing socks, covered in lint, used dryer sheets and spider webs. The 2012 project was about matching socks, it was about the creative process, making videos and posting projects that had no theme other than catching up from previous projects and creating new ones. For example to commemorate December 12, 2012, I released 12 videos marking the last time in our lifetime that we will see a day with the same year, month and day.

Links provided to online videos, each about a minute long. Click on each title to see the video.


urban life
Never read the paper without having a cup of coffee first.

I hardly ever read USA Today, but while working in Miami I had the rare opportunity to sit back and read the newspaper delivered to my door. This article in particular woke me up without the aid of caffeine.


Animal Crossing Underground
A path well travelled.

Shot with the Quad Cam app, “Animal Crossing Underground” covers a brief subway ride in Manhattan. The soundtrack is from the Nintendo DS game, “Animal Crossing: Wild World” For some reason, I went through an obsessive period playing this game everyday. The goals were simple: catch fish, mail letters to friends, gather fruit off trees, etc. all in real time. I found comfort in this remote village with anthropomorphic animals. This video was commissioned for the inaugural issue of Imaginations.

All Soul’s Day (an excerpt)

In 2012, I became interested in using text from poetry and reconnected with an old acquaintance, Rhea Tregebov. I took my inspiration from the poem but within the short timeframe of the mobile video, I only used a few lines of text. This was shot with the iPhone MiniatureCam app.


Grief Without Fantasy

An excerpt from a poem by Ronna Bloom. This mobile video combines super 8 film (transferred to video), the iPhone MiniatureCam app and the Super 8 app. Video still from the Odd Sock project, Three Poems (2012).

6. Classifieds project (2013).

This 2013 project combines social media, mobile video consumption, and consumer advertising. The focus for the project is on online classified ads and the unusual items that people post. Each vidoodle is based on a real ad and then an ad for the video is posted to classified sites all over North America. A project description and details can be found on my website, but I also launched a mobile website, vidoodles.com specifically for mobile devices.

Links provided to online videos, each about a minute long. Click on each title to see the video.


When I think of free, I automatically think of freedom.

This is one of my favorite classifieds, advertising a free bottle of bath oil. I couldn’t imagine someone taking the time to post an ad for a cheap, rather old bottle of bath oil. I began to imagine that there was something special about this memento and created a little story about it.

you were drunk
Could this be you?

This video combined footage from YouTube shot on the same night, in the same bar that is mentioned in the Classified ad.  This was posted under the “missed connections” section of 9 online classified listing sites in 56 cities across North America. There were 199 page views for this video when it was originally posted.

spiritual alignment coach
you may not think you need one, but…

The footage was shot in the self-proclaimed ghost town of Jerome, Arizona in the Connor Hotel on Main Street. I used the text from the classified ad and shot the footage with the standard iPhone camera app.

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