Inhabiting post-communist spaces in Nimród Antal’s Kontroll


György Kalmár

György Kalmár is lecturer at the Department of British Studies of the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen (DE), Hungary. He graduated at DE in 1997 with majors in Hungarian and English. He worked as a post-graduate researcher and visiting scholar at the University of Oxford, Indiana University at Bloomington, and ITAS in Spain. He earned a Ph.D. in philosophy (2003) and one in English (2007) at DE. He completed his habilitation in 2014.

His main teaching and research areas include literary and cultural theory, film studies, gender studies, body studies and British literature. He has published extensively in the above mentioned fields, mainly in established Hungarian periodicals. He is the author of three books, Szöveg és vágy: Pszichoanalízis, irodalom, dekonstrukció (Anonymus, 2002) (Text and Desire: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Decontruction), "A n?i test igazsága": Esettanulmányok egy metafora történetéb?l Chaucert?l Derridáig (Kalligram, 2012) ("The Truth of the Female Body": The History of a Metaphor from Chaucer to Derrida), and Testek a vásznon: Test, film, szubjektivitás (Debreceni Egyetemi Kiadó, 2012) (Bodies on the Screen: Body, Film, Subjectivity). Currently he is working on a book on constructions of masculinity in contemporary Hungarian cinema.

University home page: http://ieas.unideb.hu/index.php?p=t&id=19&l=en
At Academia.edu: https://unideb.academia.edu/KalmárGyörgy