Patrick Faubert

Patrick Faubert teaches at Sheridan College in Ontario. He received his PhD in English and Film Studies by Wilfrid Laurier University in 2013. His dissertation, “‘Perfect Picture Material’: History, Adaptation, and the Formation of a Studio Identity at Warner Bros., 1934-41” explores practices of literary adaptation within Hollywood studios of the 1930s, and was awarded both Wilfrid Laurier University’s Gold Medal and Governor-General’s awards for academic excellence. Interested in a wide range of media, Patrick researches how filmmakers have, at different periods in the history of cinema, incorporated other media (literature, comic books, video games, etc.) into their filmmaking practices. His research emphasizes the Hollywood Studio Era, but he is also interested in the changing relationship between contemporary commercial cinema and new media. Patrick has presented his research at numerous conferences in North America and Europe, and has published on both Warner Bros. and adaptation in the journals Adaption and The Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance.