Sharon R. Sherman

Sharon R. Sherman is an ethnographer, academic folklorist, and independent documentary filmmaker. Sherman served as Director of the Folklore program for over twenty years at the University of Oregon where she is now Professor Emerita. She was trained in film at UCLA.  Her work explores the interconnection between tradition and the creative process. Sherman has published extensively, and lectured internationally. She served on the Executive Board of the American Folklore Society, and as the Film and Videotape Editor for Western Folklore and the Journal of American Folklore. Books include Chainsaw Sculptor(1995); Documenting Ourselves: Film, Video, and Culture (1998); and Folklore/Cinema: Popular Film as Vernacular Culture (2007). Various articles address intangible cultural heritage, collaborative ethnography, the films of Jorge Preloran, representation in film; and feminism in film and folklore.

Sherman advised over ninety student video projects and has created over a dozen films and videos of her own, from Tales of the Supernatural to Kathleen Ware, Quiltmaker; to Passover, A Celebration; Inti Raymi en Quinchuqui; Kid Shoes; Spirits in the Wood; and Whatever Happened to Zulay? An Otavaleña’s Journey <www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi3713247513.Her work has been shown on Oregon Public Broadcasting and won international film festival awards. Sherman also serves on the board of Folkstreams, a website devoted to streaming folklore films.