Editorial Board, Cinema Journal 2002-

Executive Committee, Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Theatre and Drama, 1995-05

Core Faculty, PhD Program in Theatre and Drama, 1984-present

Advisory Committee, Office for Protection of Research Subjects/Institutional Review Board, 2004--05

Affiliated Faculty, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern, 2004-

Affiliated Faculty, Center for Comparative and International Studies, Northwestern, 2005-

Affiliated Faculty, Comparative Literary Studies, 2002-

Faculty Advisory Board, Block Cinema (Northwestern University, Block Museum of Art), 2003-

Director of Graduate Studies, RTF, 1999-03

Junior Faculty mentoring: Scott Curtis, 1998-2004; Visiting Assistant Professor L. S. Kim, 1998-2000; Angelo Restivo, 2000-2001

Graduate Committee, RTF, 1998-2003

University Study Abroad Committee, 2000-2003

member, Comparative Literature faculty search committee, 2000-2001

sponsoring committee: Cross School Initiative on The Americas, Northwestern, 2000-02 (became Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program)

Faculty search committee, RTF, 1999-2000.

Conference Organizer, Visible Evidence Conference, Northwestern U. Sept 1997.

Chair, Film History search committee, Radio/TV/Film Dept. 1996-98.

Secretary, Steering Committee, Visible Evidence Conference 1995-98

University Faculty Reappointment, Promotion, Tenure, Dismissal, Appeals Panel [elected], 94-97.

Curriculum committee, RTF, member 94-97

Junior Faculty Mentoring: Delle Chatman 1996-98; Ron Gregg 1997-98

Executive Committee, Program in Communication and Development Studies, Northwestern, 1986-97

Local Host Committee, Union for Democratic Communications Conference, October 1996.

MFA reorganization committee, Radio/TV/Film dept. 1993-95.

Production committee, RTF, member 94-95

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee, School of Speech [elected], Northwestern 1990-93. Chair, 1991-92.  Recalled for 2 cases, 1995.

Chair, Curriculum Committee, Radio/TV/Film Dept.  1984-94

Co-organizer with Ilene Goldman, Short Films From Latin America (6 programs), January 1993.

Chair, Promotion and Tenure Review Committee for James Schwoch, Radio/Television/Film Dept., 1991-92.

Chair, Film History search committee, Radio/TV/Film Dept. 1990-1992.

Graduate Committee, Radio/TV/Film Dept.  1989-90.

Organizer, Documentary Interest Group, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, Northwestern, 1988-92.

Faculty Advisor, WNUR, 1984-1990. [7200 watt FM station broadcasts "New Music" format to most of greater Chicago area]

"Media Literacy" Course  Planning Committee, Northwestern 89-90

Ford Foundation Integrated Arts Project Committee.  Northwestern, 1988-1990.

*Integrated Arts summer workshop, June 88.

Organizer,  Theory Workgroup, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, Northwestern, 1987-88.

School of Speech Media Planning Project, committees on Aesthetics of Film and Television, Creating for the Media, and Educational Programs in Creating for the Media, 1984.

Faculty Associate and Administrative Committee, Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College, 1982-83.

NU Alumni Association Merit Award Committee, Nov. 1982.

Academic Affairs Committee (School of Speech),1981-84.  Chair, 1983-84.

Interdepartmental Graduate Studies (School of Speech) faculty, 1980-84.

Chicago Steering Committee for Alternative Cinema Conference and Continuing Chicago meetings, 1979; Organizer, "Works in Progress" Day, Dec. 1979

Faculty Associate, Allison Residential College, Northwestern (women's studies residence), 1977-79.

Elected TA representative to Indiana University and Bloomington campus Faculty Council, 1970-71.

Executive Committee, Teaching Assistants' Association.  1969-71.

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