Global capital’s false choices in the films of Laurent Cantet


Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston is an Assistant Professor at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where she teaches film, literature, and technical and professional communication to engineering students.  Teaching students who are not majors presents its own set of challenges, including thinking about the importance of the subject matter rather than assuming that film and literature should be perceived as important for their own sake. However, it also presents her the opportunity for thinking about the larger cultural significance of film and literature—its social, political and economic implications—and emphasizing that in her courses.

Her research focuses on fictional and non-fictional narratives about work. Often this research examines intersections of gender and work or the implications of work in a global economy.   Her article “Murder in Juarez: Gender, Sexual Violence, and the Global Assembly Line” appeared in the journal Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. In addition, she engages in pedagogical research in the field of technical and professional communication, particularly in the area of sustainability.

She can be contacted at livingst@rose-hulman.edu