1. These connections and others are traced by Richard Fung, one of Greyson’s collaborators in Toronto queer left video activism, in his contribution to the anthology on Greyson’s work reviewed here. [return to page 1]

2. Hey Elton and BDS Bieber are both available on Greyson’s YouTube page along with his other BDS videos. For more on pinkwashing, see Sarah Schulman, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012).

3. See, for instance, Queering Archives: Historical Unravelings, ed. Daniel Marshall, Kevin P. Murphy, and Zeb Tortorici, special issue of Radical History Review 120 (Fall 2014); Archives and Archiving, ed. K.J. Rawson and Aaron Devor, special issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 2.4 (2015); and Out of the Closet, Into the Archives: Researching Sexual Histories, ed. Amy L. Stone and Jaime Cantrell (Albany: SUNY Press, 2015).

4. Another recent book on Greyson is worth mentioning here: Susan Knabe and Wendy Gay Pearson, Zero Patience: A Queer Film Classic (Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2011). Knabe and Pearson contributed an essay on Greyson’s 1991 film The Making of “Monsters” to The Perils of Pedagogy collection.[return to page 2]

5. The forty-five minute video is available through VTape, as are The Pink Pimpernel and The World Is Sick (sic). However, the cost of acquiring each one for a university library is more than half the cost of the entire box set, which may be daunting for educators trying to build their library collections on a tight budget. Single screening rentals are available at a lower price.