Presenter, two programs of experimental films about perception, Block Cinema, Northwestern University, April-May 2006.

Discussion leader, “Diversity and Comedy” workshop as part of NU undergrad Diversity Conference.  April 2006

Discussion leader, Leslie Hoffmann Colloquium, “Pleasure, Power, and Porn: Multiple Positions on the Relevance of Pornography to Gender Studies,” Gender Studies, Northwestern University, May 2005.

Panelist, on new technology and internet influences on entertainment media, Ayers Residential College spring forum.  April 2003.

Advisory panel, “Tough Guys” conference  on masculine images in film (U of Arizona, May 2000)

Cooperative advisor to project on popular subcultures, Dr. Rupert Weinzierl lead researcher. Austrian Ministry of Science. 1999.

Panel presentation for Communication Domain Dinner, Northwestern University, April 1999.

Discussion leader, screening of The Lost Weekend for Chicago Historical Society film series accompanying exhibition on the history of alcohol and drug addiction in the US., April 1997

“Screening Politicians,” Gallery Talk, Block Gallery Northwestern Univ. Oct. 1996

Speaker, “Chicago Celebrates 100 Years of Cinema,” Chicago Historical Society, Dec. 1995

Speaker, Rally against contra aid, Northwestern Univ.  Feb 88

Presentation of excerpt from POSTCARDS FROM NICARAGUA for Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Drama "Mediated Performance" colloquium. May1986.

Speaker, "Brecht and Godard:  KUHLE WAMPE and WIND FROM THE EAST,"  Brecht on Film events, Chicago Filmmakers, Apr. 1985

Jury, student show on sexuality, School of the Art Institute, Nov. 1984.

Panel moderator, "Gay Visions:  Films at the Chicago International Film Festival,"  Chicago Lesbian and Gay Academic Union, Nov. 1983.

Discussion leader, presenting Raymond Williams, The Sociology of Culture, Chicago Seminar on Culture and the Arts, May 1983.

Speaker, introducing Eisenstein's THE GENERAL LINE and Vertov's MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, for the Museum of Contemporary Art's Soviet Experimental Art exhibit.  Feb. 1983.

Women and Film Advisory Committee, 1981, Athens (Ohio) International Film Festival.

Co-organizer, "Critic's Choice" series, Chicago Filmmakers, spring 1979.

Speaker, presenting HOLDING, BOYS IN THE BAND, and SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY, NU Gay-Lesbian Alliance film program, spring,1978.

Jury, "Chicago Filmmakers," Film Center, School of the Art Institute, Jan. 1978.

Discussion leader, film series by women at Northwestern, Dec.1977.

Discussion leader, "Films by Women," Northwestern A&O Board, Nov.1977.

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