We'd like to take a somewhat different approach to annotated links. No sense in reinventing the wheel. For great links to online film criticism sites, check out the best, most frequently updated, annotated, film links page that we know of. It's at Senses of Cinema. Also, whenever we want to check out reviews and film credits, here's where we go first: Internet Movie Data Base. For Film Studies information, two useful sites are the University of Alabama's ScreenSite and the University of Iowa's Online Communication Studies Resources. ScreenSite was redesigned in July 06 and features media course syllabi, annotated links to film studies journals, and a complete listing of college media programs.

Our main "links" feature is a personal reflection by one of our editors on her/his own web cruising. We may also ask some of our Internet-savvy friends to do the same. What we have discovered is that computer use, and with it Internet use, is what linguistics call an idiolect, a personally unique way of using language as a communicative tool. Anyone who has ever tried to share computer use with another person or persons knows all about this; no two folks use a computer alike.

In Jump Cut 50 in Audio podcasting now, Julia Lesage offers an annotated list of discursive podcasts and considers some formal aspects of podcasting as an audio art related to radio and audiobooks.

In Jump Cut 49 co-editor Julia Lesage explores the Internet today. Here you will find a broad overview of what the web has to offer in terms of photography, film, television, and new media studies, as well as overviews and specific examples of blogs, narrative theory and autobiography, librarian's tips, and the political web, especially for leftists and feminists. This is a useful page you will want to bookmark for future web browsing in media studies.

In Jump Cut 48, Danica Amistadt provides a set of links on current AIDS activism.

In Jump Cut 47, Lesage provides an extensive set of links on the photographs of U.S. military abuse at Abu Ghraib and larger issues of abuse and torture:
Abu Ghraib and images of abuse and torture